Welcome to the site of Aristakat Charters.(941 -321-0852)This Business is owned and operated by Captain James Bostwick. Please feel free to browse through my site to see what we are about. Our contact number is 941-321-0852

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 Please take a look at the rest of my site.  If you are interested in scheduling a charter, please make sure you read and understand the waiver on the next page. Please print it and it is to be filled out completely and signed and brought with you along with your C- Card on the day of your dive. Please understand this is for your personal safety and to help protect my business. I appreciate your cooperation.


 Aristakat Charters is a bare bones Charter that caters to your needs.

Contact info is aristakat02@yahoo.com or contact me directly @ 941-321-0852 Capt Jamie.

 Best Value is our megladon two tank dive ONLY $110.00. COMPARE, you will be surprised!!!!

This is a hunt for the Megalodon teeth and other fossils in the "Sharks Tooth Capital Of The World" Venice,Fla.

The video above is a little glimpse of what goes on when you are beneath the surface. This awesome footage was filmed by my divemaster Jim Ridgeway on actual dives that we did May 25th and 26th of 2009 at "The Boneyard". Thanks a lot Jim!

There are also many more pictures and slideshows that you can view from past dives on our Facebook page. Take a minute and go check them out .